I don’t know how the rest of the fine citizenry feels about the recent anti-American comments by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but I find them disgusting. You may recall that during a recent speech, Cuomo made the remark, “We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great.” 

As I understand Cuomo’s comments, he doesn’t believe America was ever great despite the historical facts to support otherwise. He doesn’t believe America was ever great despite the long list of accomplishments by both notable and regular Americans who built, served, died, provided leadership to and laid the very foundation for our exceptionally great country.

Perhaps we should all just throw in the towel and settle for being like hundreds of other countries where a person cannot even think about reaching his or her own idea of greatness or achieve his or her own personal success or even dream of living a free and decent life much less actually realize it. Perhaps Cuomo and others need to travel to and live in these many foreign countries, as I have, to gain an appreciation for just how great this country truly is.

But before we give up and go blindly along with this extremist ideology, perhaps we should analyze the history of the person – Andrew Cuomo – who made this idiotic comment for certainly his life and his family’s life must have been utterly tragic. 

Let’s begin this analysis with Andrew Cuomo’s grandparents. Grandpa, Andrea Cuomo, and grandma, Immacolata Cuomo, were legal immigrants from Campania, Italy, to this “never great country” called America. Grandpa and grandma chose to immigrate to America in 1926 and 1927, respectfully, in search of a better life and more opportunities. Despite America never being great, grandpa and grandma Cuomo seized the American Dream and opened a small family business in Queens, New York. That opportunity enabled them to provide their son, Mario Cuomo – Andrew Cuomo’s father – with the opportunity to attend St. John’s Preparatory School, a private Catholic school in Queens, and then St. John’s University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree and his law degree at St. John’s School of Law. Mario, the son of first generation immigrants, then went on to serve three terms as the 54th governor of New York, lieutenant  governor and secretary of state. Later on, he became a millionaire by serving on the Board of Medallion Finance Corporation and being a published author of several bestselling books as well as a high paid public speaker.

I guess America has never been great given these facts of Andrew’s father, Mario Cuomo.

Now to the hypocrite himself – Andrew Cuomo. I guess America is not a great place where Andy followed in his father’s footsteps and attended the finest schools and universities in New York, became the 56th and current governor of New York, is a published author, a multi-millionaire, and was previously married to Kerry Kennedy of the Kennedy family – another family that fared pretty darn well in this not great place called America.

I guess America is not a great place where another Cuomo, Chris Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo’s son, is one the most highly paid journalists/talking heads on CNN where he earns a nice little American salary of a minimum of $2.5 million per year while bashing how not so great America is.

Given these facts, I guess America just isn’t a great place after all. Undoubtedly, I and millions of others have been duped all of our lives.

Yes, the comments of the ungrateful hypocrite, Andrew Cuomo, are infuriating. Frankly, I wouldn’t necessarily care about any of the Cuomo family except for the fact that ignorant Andy’s comments have influence on our young people. With baseless comments like Cuomo’s combined with an education system that simply does not fully teach American history and its impact on the world along with the influence and dependence of false social media, our youth fall prey to these lies and ultimately believe this rhetoric as truth.

This is a serious problem because the future of our great country is in the hands of our youth and they need the knowledge of why this country has been great, is currently great and, despite the comments of Cuomo and others who want to destroy it, America will be great in the future as well.

Viper One Six – Out.

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