To the editor:

Now is time to stand up to vote for whom you believe will best represent you in Topeka. Over the last eight to 10 years, I have heard and read plenty of cries and moans and grinding of teeth over how badly you were treated by conservative, Tea Party, fascist  Republicans. Many of you said you were told to get out of the Republican Party, you were not Republicans, you were not wanted.

I recently read a statement by Don Hineman, Kansas House of Representatives majority leader, threatening Republicans who support, contribute to or vote for any candidate other than Kris Kobach (i.e., Democrat Laura Kelly or independent Greg Orman) with “harsh consequences.” Votes, contributions to or support of Kelly or Orman will result in retributions.

I have been a registered Republican in Leavenworth County since 1983 when I moved to here. I take great umbrage at these threats to voters. My vote is my vote, and no one else’s. 

I understand that Hineman can’t do much to punish me. I am just a simple voter. But to threaten an elected official for whom I voted with sanctions is the same as threatening and punishing me. Hineman needs to go home to Drighton, Kansas, somewhere in a wheat field 40 miles from nowhere.