Even here in Leavenworth County, pro-abortion people will go to any means to prevent the truth of abortion from being revealed. Some now resort to breaking, entering and stealing to try to stop the truth from being disclosed.

On the night of July 24, someone broke the lock on the door to the exhibit building at the county fair. Although there were many things of value in the building, the thieves took only one thing – the display of life-size unborn baby models in development from 12 to 26 weeks. Police have stated that the probability of these criminals being caught is about nil. 

For years, Kansans for Life has staffed a booth at the county fair. We provide free literature, bumper stickers, balloons and pins that show the size and shape of a baby’s feet at 10 weeks. 

What gets the most attention, however, is the display of life-size models that track the development of a baby in the womb. Children especially are drawn to this display. They can pick up the models, feel their weight and see their size. They can see that the only difference between a baby at 12 weeks and a baby at 26 weeks is size. Quite often, a pregnant mother with her children will show them the model that corresponds to the size of the baby growing inside of her. For those who want them, we offer a model of a baby at 12 weeks. 

We observe some people averting their eyes from the display. Whether the models become an inconvenient truth for those wedded to abortion or whether someone might feel guilt for having aborted her own child, we do not know. For whatever reason, there are those who cannot or will not look at the models.

Having children and others see that an unborn baby looks like a baby at birth is anathema to the pro-abortion crowd. The thieves who stole the models are too cowardly, too ignorant or too blind to debate the reality of what those models represent. They have no logical scientific argument over the facts that confront anyone who sees the models. Those who worship at the altar of abortion have their minds made up and cannot tolerate any fact that demonstrates clearly the humanity of the unborn.

So rabid are the pro-abortion people that they are apoplectic anytime a state passes laws that require the mother to view a sonogram before having an abortion. The National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) calls such viewing “unethical and demeaning.” It is unethical to show a woman what is inside her body prior to removing it? Demeaning means “causing someone to lose their dignity.” Non-invasive sonograms cause someone to be demeaned, but an invasive procedure that kills an unborn child is not “causing someone to lose their dignity?” What kind of twisted logic is that?

NARAL states that showing a mother a sonogram of her unborn child is “to intimidate, shame and harass women who seek abortion.” If abortion is such a great thing for women, why would they be intimidated, shamed and harassed when seeing the sonogram? If the baby is nothing but a blob of tissue rather than a human being, why would a woman feel shamed by aborting it? 

NARAL and their evil ilk are afraid to show the truth to a major source of revenue. Some mother, after seeing the truth, may decide to keep her baby. That results in a loss of income for Planned Parenthood and other such abortuaries. Pregnant women must not be allowed to see the truth.

Intolerant pro-abortion groups have destroyed at least 40 pro-life displays at universities, including Northern Kentucky University, Texas State University, George Washington University, Miami University and the University of Texas. Seeing the reality of abortion cannot be allowed; the reality must be destroyed.

Or, in Leavenworth County, the truth must be stolen.

The fetal models are very expensive. If you would like to help us purchase another set of these models, please send a check to Kansans for Life, P.O. Box 164, Lansing, KS, 66043.

Rich Kiper is a Leavenworth Times columnist.