On Sept. 4, London-based band Superorganism played before a packed house at the Riot Room. The synth-pop group’s live show created a techno-psychedelic environment to add to the effect of their music.

The eight-member band went on stage completely covered by a projected video of the International Space Station floating over Earth. Throughout the rest of the show, the projections cycled through colorful patterns, photographic videos and eight bit video game-style animations while they played all of the songs off of their self-titled album. The three backup singers danced with glowing white orbs while the lead singer, Orono Noguchi, almost passively spoke through the lyrics of their songs, including the hit song “Everybody Wants To Be Famous.” (The video for the song has nearly 5.5 million views on YouTube.)

The combination of projected visuals along with their songs laced with sound effects, pre-recorded voices and distorted base beats created an atmosphere of actually being in a kind of computerscape while the singer’s calm voice kept a human connection to the whole experience. This is quite fitting for a group who actually met online and only formed into a band less than two years ago.

The crowd reacted joyously to lyrics like “Have a drink, have a smoke do whatever you need to unload, nobody cares” from their slacker anthem “Nobody Cares.” After the great show Superorganism left the stage with the crowd still wanting more.

The opening act was new sub pop artist YUNO who played a 45-minute set of his Emo influenced pop music. His current album is called “Moodie.”

A lot of great bands are coming to our area. Here are a few shows to look out for:

n Robert Plant will be at The Midland on Sept. 10.

• Beck will be at Starlight Theater on Sept. 17.

• Waxahatchee will be at the Little White School House on Sept. 21.

• Andrew Bird with the KC Symphony will be at the Kauffman Performing Art Center on Sept. 29.

Mike Nickells writes about music in the Leavenworth area. To contact him, send email to mnickells@leavenworthtimes.com