To the editor:

Is there something in the air or water that is driving Republicans into a state of self-destruction? First the local party barely provides tepid support for a House candidate in a critical race, then the national level of the party exhibits equally dismal leadership by continuing the resuscitation attempt for a Supreme Court nominee who has clearly tanked. Judge Kavanaugh needs to realize that he is not going to be a Supreme Court justice. This may seem unfair to some people, but while fog easily dissipates in the heat, a persistent smoke usually indicates a fire. 

Unfortunately, a woman who is sexually assaulted has her character, reputation and credentials investigated first as opposed to the evidence in the situation. In this case, however, Dr. Blasey-Ford, Ms. Ramirez and Ms. Swetnick all have impeccable character and reputations and are hardly operatives for the opposition as some have suggested. Combined with other incidents described by the judge’s former classmates and roommates, his halo is more tarnished than he would have us believe. But we don’t know for sure because the Republican majority has not requested further investigation. And yes, regardless of some uninformed opinions, character and ethics do count in selecting a Supreme Court justice, and boys cannot be boys regardless of their age when sexual assault is involved.

As I write this letter, the hearings are ongoing in Washington. I have every reason to believe that the conduct of the Senate Majority Leader and most Republicans – and Democrats – on the Judiciary Committee will be deplorable. The potential cost of Republican insanity, however, is control of the Senate. If the Senate members won’t act, then the president needs to withdraw Judge Kavanaugh from consideration and immediately nominate one of these three outstanding Federal Circuit Court judges: Joan Larsen, Amy Coney Barrett or Britt Grant. Any one of these women would be an excellent Supreme Court justice and could be easily confirmed after the fall election and before the new Congress is sworn in. Stop this self-destructive behavior Republicans.