To the editor:

Paul Davis, a Democrat, was a state representative from 2003-2015. In 2011, he voted against a law banning strip clubs within 1,000 feet of schools and churches. In 2014, he ran for governor and lost to U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback. Now Davis is running in our district to replace U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins. Shouldn’t happen.

Surely no woman will vote for Davis after the recent Associated Press reminder that prior to the race for governor, an Independence, Kansas, police chief conducted a drug raid on a strip club and Davis was said to have been located in a VIP room with a woman wearing only a G-string. Local TV reported Davis said the strip club was his legal client. AP reported Davis said he was, “in the wrong place at the wrong time.” He got that right.

Congressional candidate Republican Steve Watkins comes from an upstanding Kansas family. He has a number of prestigious degrees and has served his country as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan. At Harvard, he was well known in the student body for his conservative Republican views. 

The new guard is coming in to support our president. The choice is easy.