To the editor:

In regard to Mr. Zeck’s letter Oct. 3, to set the record straight, I did exactly what I promised to do in 2016 – restored our state to fiscal responsibility. After three credit downgrades, prison riots, the state nearly $1 billion in the red and children lost in state custody, changes had to be made. After the Legislature took action, Kansas has benefited from 15 straight months of job growth, credit upgrades by outside agencies and a stabilized budget. And we were able to give our local teachers and corrections officers pay raises. 

Regarding federal tax reform, I voted to align Kansas tax code with the federal changes so that taxpayers receive double the former standard deduction. I also pushed to get tax credits, not just deductions, for kids. I strongly support forcing big corporations to bring their money back into the United States instead of hiding it overseas. I oppose giving them another tax loophole. Any further windfall money from federal tax reform should be used to cut the food sales tax in Kansas, which will help every single hardworking Kansas taxpayer. 

I am proud to be your citizen legislator and of the hard work I have done over the last two years for the military, for prison workers, for our kids, for better security and for better transparency. For the record, I was marked as “present not voting” on 19 administrative approval votes that were held in the afternoon in 2017. I was present in the morning when the clerk took attendance but had to leave in the afternoon for pre-scheduled work trips. I’ve made myself available in the community and encouraged people to contact me directly with concerns, questions and ideas for how we can continue to make Kansas and Leavenworth a better place to raise our families.

Editor’s note: Rep. Jeff Pittman represents District 41 in the Kansas House of Representatives.