To the editor:

As I was watching the news this morning, I heard a new ad for Steve Watkins. It says that he is “not another politician.” That could be part of my issue with him.

Who exactly is Steve Watkins? He is a veteran. Good, he served his country. He served the minimum active duty time to pay back an excellent education at the U.S. Military Academy. What has he done since? He went on an attempted climb of Mt. Everest and raced in the Iditarod. OK, do either of those qualify you as a representative? What has he done lately?

He lied about what happened on his attempt to climb Mt. Everest and lied about creating a company and jobs in Afghanistan. Well, those sure seem to be qualifications to be a good Trumpican. Honestly, I am asking, given the false statements and claims made by President Trump, Secretary of State Kobach and now candidate Watkins, is there any reason I should believe anything that comes out of their collective mouths? I would really like an answer.