To the editor:

The Leavenworth County website shows the estimated populations of the five county commission districts as presently proposed.

One district would supposedly have 15,569 people, one 15,289, one 14,656, one 13,486 and one with 12,421. Given those population figures, one can reason that the voting population of each district would be considerably smaller, nearer one-half of those numbers. Those are quite small voting blocks. We don’t need a county commissioner for every 12,000 to 15,000 population, or every 6,000 or 7,000 voters. It’s nonsensical.

The adult population within each tiny district, with viable qualifications to occupy a county commission seat, would also be quite small – too small to contain many truly qualified candidates, the type of candidates we need if we’re going to improve our commission.

If we’re going to establish tiny districts for Tonganoxie and Basehor, why not Easton and McLouth? Why not for Potter and Linwood? How about Fall Leaf and Fairmount? If Tonganoxie and Basehor can have their own tiny districts, why can’t they? There’s no sense to it.

The more I have considered this notion of five districts and consulted with several people knowledgeable about this proposal, the more I have become convinced this movement has nothing to do with improving our county commission or the running of the county. It is a blatant, in your face attempt at gerrymandering, the manipulation of the boundaries of an electoral constituency so as to favor one party or class.

Voters need to look upon this thoroughly illogical proposal with a suspicious eye. I think a lot of people are being taken in by intentionally misleading rhetoric and bogus claims. This proposal is nothing it’s being purported to be, it won’t improve the quality or performance of our county commission in any way and won’t really improve voter representation either. Those aren’t the motives behind this movement.