To the editor:

Why can’t the city of Leavenworth leave the gates open at the recycling center? Most folks don’t keep the same limited schedule the center does, and Saturdays are nearly impossible to get in the gates due to the large number of patrons.  

The recycling center is on a lot that abuts the city’s Municipal Service Center yard and appears to be well-lit. Does the city think its citizens are such a larcenous lot that they can’t be trusted to utilize the facility unsupervised? Big Brother has cameras on numerous busy intersections in town, at the Justice Center, around schoolyards, etc. Couldn’t the city just install one as a deterrent for someone who might have less than honorable objectives?

I understand that some elderly and handicapped people are unable to use the facility without assistance, and the gentlemen that have worked there over the years have been most helpful. Perhaps said group(s) could continue with the regular limited hours and the gates remain open for the rest of the public. That should also ease the congestion for those that do need a helping hand. I think a lot of people are as disgruntled as I. The few recycle bins that are scattered about town are nearly always overflowing, as was the case with my recent 2 p.m. attempt to recycle. And those bins accept neither glass nor tin.  

There are many like-minded folks concerned about our environment and how they can ease the impact on it by recycling items that would otherwise wind up in the rubbish. How about making it a little easier on us?