In these times which seem dominated by technology and the rush of our harried lives, Gregory Alan Isakov is a breath of fresh air. The indie-folk artist’s music is both intimate and full of soul. His sparse and atmospheric sound feels like it’s coming from another era. Maybe it’s because Isakov is a farmer most of the year. He tours with his band only during the winter months, He spends the rest of the year tending his small farm in Colorado. Isakov will be playing in Kansas City at The Truman on Saturday, just about a month into this tour promoting his fourth critically-acclaimed album “Evening Machines.” It’s an album he recorded in his studio on the farm. 

“Evening Machines” just came out on out on Oct. 5 from the Dualtone Records label.

This album was inspired by one of Gregory’s major influences, Leonard Cohen.

“I wrote several of the songs on this album the week after hearing of Leonard Cohen’s passing,” Isakov said. Cohen’s death touched him deeply.

Several of his songs have been licensed for television shows and movies. One was even used in a McDonald’s commercial. Gregory, a vegetarian, donated the proceeds to several nonprofit, sustainable farming organizations. “Chemicals,” the first single off of this new album, already has more than 110,000 views on YouTube.

Check out Gregory Alan Isakov at the Truman in Kansas City this Saturday at 8 p.m.

Mike Nickells writes about local musicians for the Leavenworth Times.