To the editor:

This letter is, in part, a response to Col. Pat Proctor’s latest letter to the editor.

Most of the anti-Pittman letters for the last seven months have been written by adults who one would hope could be mature enough to handle their issues with the Pittmans in a more dignified manner than attacking his wife and whining like children who didn’t get their nap in letters to the editor. Sadly, such is not the case. Those people, not the Pittmans, motivated me to write my letters to the editor. This campaign cycle has been toxic and I believe the Tea Party letter writers should be challenged.

For the record, before writing a letter about Col. Proctor’s questionable handling of an encounter that occurred last spring, I figured I’d ask for Holly Pittmans’ version of the event in question. Most reasonable people would. I already knew Col. Proctor’s version. He chose to share it in the Leavenworth Times. I had no contact whatsoever with Rep. Jeff Pittman.

Nobody enlisted me to write anything. Col. Proctor’s assertion that I would be incapable of arriving at my own conclusions without assistance from the Pittmans is completely misogynistic, insulting and ridiculous. I can only assume that Col. Proctor must not like independent women who speak and think for themselves. I don’t need the Pittmans to form my opinion of Col. Proctor. Given his assertion that I was “enlisted” to write a letter leads me to believe that he was probably the one enlisted to write a letter.

Col. Proctor doesn’t appear to understand that Holly Pittman doesn’t represent anyone in Topeka. News flash. Only Jeff Pittman has been elected and is seeking reelection. Col. Proctor seems to have problems realizing that they are two separate individuals. Perhaps it’s a side effect of spending too much time in the echo chamber.

I’m also of the opinion he has miserably failed the Four Way Test that I recently learned about – most certainly Nos. 2, 3 and 4. Only Col. Proctor and Holly Pittman know exactly what transpired and why, since there were no other witnesses, so I’ll leave No. 1 up for debate. I just happen to believe, based upon Col. Proctor’s own version, that he was unhinged over the Pittmans being at that NRA event and behaved less than admirably.

I have been blown away by the level of animosity and hatefulness a small group of local Republicans have expressed toward a young man who has chosen to serve our community, both at home and in the Kansas House of Representatives. I hope the majority of people of the 41st District find such negative campaign rhetoric and attacks on a spouse as offensive as I do and will vote accordingly.

One more thing, am I the only one bothered by the tens of thousands of dollars (possibly $100,000) in Americans for Prosperity “dark money” that have been poured into the factually inaccurate campaign mailings against Rep. Pittman and others running for office in our county? That money doesn’t have to be raised or reported by the candidates. This Koch brothers super PAC doesn’t have to disclose their donors to the public either. Make no mistake, the Koch brothers want their Brownback tax experiment restored. They don’t care that it nearly bankrupted our state. Pretty darn shady if you ask me.