To the editor: 

I remember a candidate forum held by Dr. Ernest Evans two years ago during which Jeff Pitman stated that he was going to increase taxes. Flash forward to 2017 when the Legislature voted to override the governor’s veto of the proposed retroactive tax increase. When the veto was overridden, Rep. Pittman and the Democrats cheered on the floor of the statehouse. They were actually celebrating about raising taxes on their fellow citizens. Their $1.2 billion retroactive tax increase has done nothing but hurt all of us in Kansas.

In Leavenworth there are small businesses that can’t afford to keep their health insurance, hire new employees or purchase new equipment. During Tony Barton’s term in office, 388,000 of our state’s poorest citizens were relieved of their income tax burden. With the support of current state Rep. Jeff Pittman, those folks, which include 8,400 here in our own community, were put back on the tax rolls.

Pittman’s track record is abysmal. He attacked religious freedom by voting against faith-based adoption agencies that operate in accordance with their deeply held religious beliefs. He voted to continue funding Planned Parenthood and he voted against the Weber Amendment which would have banned fetal tissue and fetal stem cell research.

Do you know how your representative has voted or if he voted? Apparently what happened in Topeka stayed in Topeka. All of this information and more is public record. You may have to do your own research because I don’t think Jeff Pittman is likely to voluntarily share his voting record with his constituents. Jeff recently unveiled yet another new slogan – Promises Made. Promises Kept. Perhaps Promises Kept, Constituents Broke is more appropriate.