To the editor: 

Mr. President, for what reasons do you use words that are not respectful? I am speaking of, "mob" referring to Democrats, "cold stone thief" referring to a person who is running for office, "bleeding....." referring to a media female who was questioning you, there is more unspeakable terminology you use to describe relationships with women and you do not act as a leader would.

You are the elected leader of this country that was built on the blood, sweat, and tears of the immigrants of which your family was part of. Upon hearing of the hurdles that native Americans have to go through to vote, you did not take a stand. They are true natives of this great land, you are an immigrant like 95 percent of us. What makes this country great is the sum of all of its people.

Since you never served your country in any form, you did not live, eat, sleep, fight, and or die with all Americans. Maybe if you realized that everyone's blood is red, and that there are no racists nor atheists in combat. I am sure you came from a religious-based family. Where are your Christian values? Presidents and real leaders talk the talk but also walk the walk and all you do is talk because you never had to walk the walk.