To the editor:

Unfortunately, we are all far too used to political ads and politicians that stray from the truth. More unfortunately, it seems that the president, our current secretary of state and candidate Steve Watkins have based their policies and actions on stuff that they’ve just made up or statements that cannot be proved.

I was raised in a time when the westerns were popular on television and the movies, and one of the most common themes was that a man’s word was his bond. My mother was a Republican, my grandparents were Republicans. I don’t think they would recognize what the Republican party has become. I don’t trust liars and don’t see how you can trust someone who says one thing but acts totally different.

I would like a current member of the Republican party to explain to me how or why I should trust anything that President Trump, Secretary of State Kobach and candidate Steve Watkins says or does.  How do you as a Republican trust what they say or do? I really do not expect a logical response to my question, but there is always hope – I hope.