To the editor:

The headline said “Laura Kelly lied in an attack ad against Kobach.”
Kelly’s ad accuses Kobach of saying schools are “overfunded.” He never said that. When asked about it, Kelly could not support her accusation and instead changed the subject to Brownback and lied about his record on school funding during the televised debate.

Kelly and many Kansas Democratic candidates have tried to paint Republicans as anti-education. In fact, Democrats have nothing to show for continual K-12 funding increases over the past 25 years that have not improved academic results. We have a lot more principals and managers, but the kids are not smarter. In fact, 40 percent of them now require remedial courses to get into college.

Kobach supports using our tax dollars smarter. He advocates requiring 75 percent of school funding to be used in the classroom. It’s currently at only about 65 percent.

Laura Kelly would be a disaster for Kansas. Vote Kobach.