To the editor:

My name is Rep. Brett Parker from Overland Park. I am an educator and a teacher. I am one of the few legislators in the Kansas Legislature who holds an active job. Originally designed to represent the interests of working men and women across the state, our state's Legislature is largely made up of retirees, lawyers and non-working spouses. Today’s workforce and their interests are largely underrepresented. Rep. Pittman does a masterful job of balancing outside work demands, legislative work requirements and family obligations while maintaining a presence in his community.

Rep. Pittman actively advocated for and was successful at legislation that improved the lives of military kids, Leavenworth schools, security of our citizens’ private information and more. I’ve had the privilege and honor of serving next to your state representative. Citizens of Leavenworth are lucky to have a man of this caliber looking out for your town’s interests. 

The state of Kansas has gained a rare, technically savvy legislator who understands how technology can be used as an asset to gain government efficiency and effectiveness, but that is a double-edged sword when it comes to citizens’ rights to privacy. He has helped make our state safer.

Rep. Pittman deserves your vote. He brings insight and innovative solutions to bear on complicated legislation. Where others show up and add little, Rep. Pittman is actively engaged. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Rep. Pittman keeps his constituency front and center when making his votes. He garners respect from both parties and other stakeholders in the legislative process. He is not afraid to cross party lines for the good of his constituents.

Editor’s note: Parker is a state representative from the 29th District.