To the editor:

Two years ago I was an early supporter of Jeff Pittman for the Kansas House. Since that time I have watched him represent the citizens of our city and county with enormous skill and devotion. He is that rare leader who understands and lives Tip O’Neill’s famous admonition that “all politics are local.”

Jeff is no political ideologue, but he is a servant leader. He fits the legendary mold of such Leavenworth leaders as Clyde Graeber, Ed Reilly, Candy Ruff and Marty Crow. He and his wife, Holly, have tirelessly supported all facets of Leavenworth’s cultural, social and economic life with an enthusiasm and dedication that is exhausting to behold. And they do all of this while working, raising a family and helping their parents.

I have not agreed with all of Jeff’s political stances, most notably his support of the Tyson plant, privatization of prisons in Leavenworth County and his strong allegiance to the NRA. Jeff is a centrist Democrat, no fervent partisan or firebrand, the part of the party where I have always called “home.” But without exception, Jeff has always voted on what he believes to be in the best interest of his constituents, whether that means providing more jobs, expanding support for schools or undergirding the multiple positive impacts of Fort Leavenworth to this town.  Jeff understands that the citizens of Leavenworth deserve a most ardent and faithful advocate and that his job is to look out for the well-being of all of his constituents, regardless of their political party or social status. Jeff Pittman knows more about the lives of the people of this town than anyone I know. His  knowledge of and concern for Leavenworth people runs the gamut from the tiniest most amazing infants to the most precious senior citizens living their final days. Sometimes when I see my good friend he looks utterly exhausted. He has been walking the streets, meeting constituents, attending events all over the place, talking to people of all political stripes as well as those with no political stripes to show. He is the real deal. He is as good as the town and county. We are very lucky to call him our representative. He deserves our vote and, more importantly, our thanks. Best wishes to all of my fellow citizens for a prosperous and free Nov. 6, Election Day in America, the greatest country in the world.