To the editor:

It’s refreshing to see a depressed national economy rebounding from a long period of stagnation. President Trump’s tax cuts and removal of onerous job killing regulations has the country moving in the right direction. Prior to the federal tax cuts economic growth across the country was stagnant and our national GDP was low and unmoving. That’s all changed now that President Trump has us on a road to economic prosperity. 

The 2012 tax cuts had Kansas on a road to prosperity even before Trump’s tax cuts boosted us nationally. Lowering income taxes for families and small businesses put Kansas on a path to economic recovery despite a depressed national economy. Seventy-one percent of the income tax cuts benefited Kansas families and 29 percent small businesses. Tax cuts for small businesses gave them the resources needed to grow and hire additional help. We began to set records in new business filings. Businesses from Missouri were moving to Kansas to take advantage of our business-friendly environment. Kansas unemployment significantly dropped and Kansas families had more of their hard-earned cash to save, invest or spend on products and services they desired. More than 333,000 of our lowest income families were exempted from paying income tax.

There’s been a lot of talk about lowering the sales tax on food to help the most needy. The income tax exemption for low income families, the tax cut Pittman and Deere voted to eliminate, was much more of a saving for low-income families than any proposed reduction of sales tax for food.

The national economy is taking off but Kansans are missing out because Pittman and Deere gave us the largest, retroactive tax increase in Kansas history. Every Democrat voted for the tax increase and supported additional spending to the tune of $1.1 billion and a tax increase of $1.2 billion. When projected revenue returns began to fall short of CREG expectations, conservative Republicans planned to freeze spending but a majority of tax and spend legislators, every Democrat and a few Republicans, killed that plan. They falsely claimed that the tax cuts were for the rich and that schools were being devastated.

They don’t want you to know that major cuts to K-12 education happened during the Sibelius-Parkinson era. The Gannon lawsuit was filed in 2010 specifically naming Gov. Mark Parkinson and the state of Kansas as defendants. That lawsuit demanded that the 2010 cuts to K-12 education be restored. Brownback wasn’t sworn in as governor until January 2011. Since that time all cuts to K-12 education have been restored and funding is currently at an all-time high.

Pittman and Deere campaigned as if they were running against Gov. Brownback. When they challenged and criticized Gov. Brownback they were actually protesting tax cuts. They could have voted to freeze spending and allow the many benefits of tax cuts to continue, new businesses, more jobs, declining unemployment numbers,  

actual revenue dollars coming in higher than previous years, but that wasn’t their plan. They apparently don’t understand what our president knows. Leaving more dollars in the private sector is the fuel that grows our economy.

The solution for Kansas is simple. We need representatives that want to grow the economy, not government spending and taxes. We’ve seen the Pittman-Deere solution and it’s not what Kansans need.

I’m hoping voters will not be fooled by their anti-tax cut rhetoric. We’ve seen on the national level what can happen when fiscal conservative policies are implemented. Now it’s time to give fiscal conservatives David French and Tony Barton a chance to get Kansas back on the road to economic success.