To the editor:

While Democrats and their media minions tell us crimes committed by illegals aren’t a serious problem, a governmental study tells another story, one that should have been on the news and the front page of newspapers for months now but hasn’t been mentioned.

The report shows that one in five federal prison inmates are criminal illegals, and that number has been as high as one in four at times in the last few years. They are mainly from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Guatemala, all countries with very high crime rates.

Their felony convictions included serious drug offenses, felony assaults, felony sex offenses, kidnappings, homicides and acts of terrorism. The report also showed that their recidivism rates were extremely high.

While Democrats establish their so-called sanctuary cities to harbor these criminal illegals, Americans are being criminally victimized by them at incredibly high rates, far above other groups.

We, the American people, get to pay the gigantic expense of keeping them incarcerated. 

What’s the Democratic answer to all of this? Do away with ICE, open our borders to anyone wanting to enter our country and disarm innocent Americans. Those are their agenda items.

Democrats only speak of immigration laws in terms of how they can further aid and reward those who break our laws. When are they going to be on our side? Government should protect its citizens not reward criminals.

It outrages me that these illegals – criminals – are handed medical care and an array of benefits the minute they jump our border, but a GI coming home from a war zone may have to wait a year or more to get any VA benefits, while fighting a stultifying bureaucracy. Democrats make certain illegal criminals take priority over our own military folks.

Modern liberalism truly is the manifestation of mental disorders, and Democrats have fully bought into the lunacy no matter what the cost to the American people. What the Democrats are doing is just plain sick. They shouldn’t give priority to illegals over Americans but they do.