So let’s imagine this for a moment. You are at the ATM machine, grocery store, mall or an event at your school, and all of a sudden you are the victim of a violent crime.

There you are and the suspect is actively engaged in committing a violent crime against you, your family, your friends, your loved ones or total strangers. The suspect has a weapon, be it a knife, machete, gun or other method of committing potential deadly force against you or others and he is actively threatening you or attempting to injure or kill you.

Got the picture? Good. How did you get into this situation? More importantly, how are you going to get out of this situation, help others or survive?

Now, I offer two additional parameters to this situation which involve a police response.

The first police response comes in the form of two uniformed officers from your local police department who arrive on the scene. Heck, let’s make it six police officers who respond to this life-threatening situation.

There you are and the suspect is also there with his weapon (male suspect in this scenario but females also commit violent crimes). He is threatening to injure or kill you and others. You see the police and you are relieved. However, your relief only lasts a few seconds because all six officers are taking cover behind a car, a mailbox and around the corner of a building. The officers are ordering the suspect to drop the weapon and release you and the others. The suspect doesn’t comply and actually kills a stranger next to you.

Yet the police are not taking any action to stop this madman. Why?

The answer is because you are in New Hampshire and the Legislature, in all of their wisdom, just passed a bill to prevent the use of deadly force by police officers. Yes, the police officers don’t have the legal right or tools to affect the arrest or stop the deadly situation unfolding before you. So the suspect can carry out his or her illegal and life-threatening crime without the application of reasonable use of force by the police to stop the crime and save your life.

That is what is happening in New Hampshire. Insane you may think. Who passes such a law?

The other parameter to the situation is this. You are still in that same life-threatening situation and no uniformed officers have arrived or maybe they haven’t even been called. Not to worry because a woman walking down the street sees the crime in progress and comes to your rescue. She is a cop in plain clothes and off-duty.

She engages the suspect because she has the legal right to do so. The Legislature did not take away her ability to use reasonable deadly force when necessary to affect such an arrest or stop the life-threatening actions of the suspect. She bravely engages the suspect and a gunfight ensues. The problem is that she quickly runs out of ammo because the state Legislature passed a bill making it illegal for police officers to carry more than 10 rounds of ammunition in a magazine for her service pistol or off-duty weapon. She has to disengage because she doesn’t have enough ammunition to take down the suspect.

What happened to the police officer? Why is she backing away? Why doesn’t the off-duty police officer have more ammo to help save your life or others?

The answer, this time, is that you are in New Jersey and the state Legislature, in all of their wisdom, passed a law making it illegal and a felony for a police officer to carry more than 10 rounds in a magazine while off-duty.

Again, I leave the conclusion of these scenarios for you to decide.

This is where we are headed in this country, believe it or not. The insanity of politicians is creeping into every facet of our free lives. You may say that it doesn’t matter to you in Kansas or wherever you live but that is what the law-abiding, freedom-loving and constitution-believing people in those states thought just before these ridiculous laws were passed by those wonderful politicians.

Be prepared, be knowledgeable and be safe.

Viper One Six – Out.

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