I had to wait in line longer than usual at my favorite quick stop to buy my caffeine fix for the day. Apparently everyone in town wants to be a millionaire just by shelling out a couple of bucks.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I’m not against gambling or getting rich by chance, but I’d be afraid of who I might become if I were to become filthy rich overnight. My guy spent $15 trying his luck and I was relieved to see his tickets crumpled up in the trash the next day.

I bought a scratch-off ticket once and won $10. It scared me enough not to play anymore.

I thrive on the challenge of balancing and juggling so I don’t have too much money at the end of the month and being a millionaire doesn’t sound like that much fun. The Powerball was up to $300 million and who in their right mind would want to instantly have that kind of wealth?

Life would never be the same, and I happen to like mine just fine. If you won that much money, all of your dreams would become a reality so then what would you look forward to?

No more shopping the bargain racks, going to garage sales or eating frozen pizza. The lazy days of summer would never have the same meaning because every day would be a lazy day. Chances are, if you suddenly became that wealthy, how would your kids or grandkids ever know the true meaning of working for a living? The feeling of gratification when you finally have enough money saved up for something special?

Everyone would expect you to quit working instantly. What kind of life would it be to retire way before your time? You’d never have the satisfaction of finishing your career, plus you’d miss out on the retirement party and the nifty pen set or coffee mug you never knew you wanted.

The simple thrills in life would be over – finding $20 in your back pocket after being washed and dried a couple of times, the adventure of digging through the bottom of your purse to find enough change for lunch money or a cup of coffee. Free concerts and cheap sunglasses would be replaced with operas and those funky one-armed spectacles.

Being able to use the excuse of waiting until your next paycheck to get fixed up – especially on those bad hair days – wouldn’t work anymore and going to the dollar stores to buy cheap jewelry would not be as much fun.

They say life would be simpler with enough money to pay all of your bills, move into a huge house and never work another day. But would it?

I don’t need to play the lottery to become wealthy as my life is already rich enough. I’m loaded with the one thing money can’t buy – love sweet love.

Sandy Turner is a GateHouse Media columnist.