Leavenworth native Chris Burnett is very active in the Leavenworth and Kansas City jazz scenes. Actually, to say he is “very active” would be an understatement. The retired first sergeant and enlisted bandleader of 22 years has been playing, teaching and organizing jazz all over the Leavenworth and Kansas City areas since he and his family settled in Leavenworth in 2001.

He likes to play around Kansas City and come home to Leavenworth where he can have a more regular life.

What Chris considers a regular life includes giving music lessons at The Tune Shop, putting on music education clinics at local schools, being a board member of the “Live at the Hollywood Theater Concert Series” and playing gigs all over the Kansas City area with the Chris Burnett Quartet.

Burnett is also a jazz journalist and a professional voting member of the Jazz Journalists Association. He is a man with a passion for jazz who wants to spread that enthusiasm and joy of this deeply American art form.

His most recent collaboration is with James and Georgette Diggs, owners of the 424 Lounge. He is bringing his years of jazz knowledge and contacts to the task of booking acts for the new jazz lounge in downtown Leavenworth.

Our town already brings in talented musicians with events like the “Live at the Hollywood Theater Concert Series” and “Jazz by the River” but the 424 Lounge will be providing live music from high-quality acts three days a week, every week. They plan to bring musicians like Will Matthews and Lisa Henry back regularly to the lounge to give the local audience a chance to really get to know them. The hope is to make a permanent place that will add to the cultural life of the First City of Kansas.

Here are some upcoming dates at the 424 Lounge put together by James Diggs, Georgette Diggs and Chris Burnett:

Jan. 25: Lisa Henry

Jan. 31: Midnight Blue

Feb. 1: Bill Crain

Feb. 2: Roger Wilder

Feb. 7: Charles Gatschet

Feb. 8: Lisa Henry

Feb. 9: Midnight Blue

Mike Nickells writes about music in the Leavenworth area. To contact him, send email to mnickells@leavenworthtimes.com