To the editor:

I am Thaddeus A. Thorne with Boy Scout Troop 165 of Lansing. I try to read the daily newspaper at least once a day. I have noticed that on the front cover there are a lot of repeat people like people who were arrested and are on trial. This bothers me and many other people I assume. I have a suggestion for this. That is to put them there once and then the second time you put them in the paper, put them on the second or third page instead of the front cover.

The articles you have in your paper are very interesting. The front cover should be reserved for good things that are positive or uplifting instead of negative things even though it may be interesting. The things that people do to help others is a great thing in my mind. I am a Scout and see that we don’t make it in the paper often. Scouting is designed for boys and girls to be able to grow up and have the skills needed to succeed in life. We do a lot of community service work for others. So I would just like to see more positive things in the paper.