To the editor:

The letter to the editor with the heading of “Anti-abortion lawmakers have the wrong priorities” boggles the mind. Kansas lawmakers have been accused of “dereliction of duty to their constituents and all Kansans” for condemning the passage of a New York law which will make it legal for pregnant women with a diagnosis of “fetal anomaly” to be able to end their pregnancies in their home state.

This New York law actually makes it legal to have an abortion at any time in pregnancy, unbelievably even after live birth. And, no, it is not restricted to fetuses with a “fetal anomaly” unless you consider (as does the abortion industry) that every fetus is an anomaly and therefore may be considered for abortion. Remember, the abortion industry makes millions of dollars per year performing abortions and selling fetal parts.

The legislators who condemned this law were a group headed by Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook. The writer says that they were elected “to serve the best interest of Kansans and not play political theater with women’s lives.” Huh? Incredibly, the writer criticized the legislators for condemning the work of her former boss and mentor, George Tiller, who murdered thousands of babies and performed abortions on girls as young as 13 years of age without reporting these cases of statutory rape to the proper authorities. The author continues to say that these “evil” lawmakers need to remember that “words have consequences.” And abortions do not?

Sen. Pilcher-Cook and her group are not derelict in their duty to their constituents and to Kansans. They are doing their job in trying to safeguard the lives of innocent babies. I do not think that returning to the reign of Gov. Sebelius and the abortion guru, George Tiller, would be an improvement in our state. The author states that this group’s actions (which were simply a resolution and a press conference) cultivates violence, but, of course, killing babies does not.

The mentality of this writer is of concern because Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has stated publicly that all members of the Democratic Party will have to pledge that they will support abortion at any stage of gestation and even after birth. This raises a gut-wrenching question: Is our country starting down a trajectory of mindless disregard for human life? First the fetus. Now the newborn. Who next? The handicapped? The chronically ill? The elderly? The mentally slow? Alzheimer’s patients? This rising, Hitler-like trend is terrifying and must be stopped.