To the editor:

If you or I drove too fast for weather conditions in the middle of a snow and ice storm and became involved in a multi-car pileup, our poor judgment might cause police to suspect we were an impaired driver. We might be given a field sobriety test to determine if we were or not. Our vehicle would be given an “in plain sight” check for open containers and such. Apparently not so for our illustrious Mayor Wilson. He got a pass on that.

At the scene of such an event, if witnesses/bystanders suggested to police that we reeked of alcohol, we certainly would be administered a field sobriety test and our vehicle would be checked for open containers. 

The event happened at 8th Street and Pottawatomie on the evening of Jan. 11. According to TV reports, after police were told that he smelled of alcohol, the officers stepped away from the crowd and turned off their body cameras for a while. I don’t know if they contacted anyone by radio during that time, but it looked suspicious. Our illustrious mayor was issued a citation for driving too fast for the weather conditions and turned loose. Not even a one-minute sobriety test was done.

This is the same mayor who, during his campaign for city commission, vehemently denied he had been a drug peddler, only to appear recently on the CBS national news and admit that he was, and with almost gleeful aplomb, grinning as he pointed out to the news reporter the apartment where he “sold a lot of drugs.”

There are accusations of special treatment and even police corruption emanating around town because of this incident, and how could there not be? It appears our mayor was definitely given preferential treatment you or I wouldn’t get at the scene of a multi-car accident involving our obvious careless driving. 

It might be a good idea if an independent law enforcement agency such as the KBI were to perform an inquiry into this incident.

There’s no way now to prove whether or not the mayor was driving drunk since conveniently no sobriety tests of any type were performed. However, the behavior of the officers at the scene should be looked into. It was quite suspicious and reeked of preferential treatment. 

That shouldn’t be tolerated. Our elected officials should be held to the same standards as we would be after such an event. That didn’t happen and it needs to be investigated by independent officers. At present, our police department has a stain on its reputation. That needs to be put to rest or verified and dealt with if that’s the case. This matter shouldn’t be shoved under the carpet. It needs investigation.