To the editor:

Byron Maduska never ceases to amaze. Once you think he can’t be more despicable, he lowers the bar again. Witness the latest tirade concerning a traffic stop Jan. 10 involving the mayor of Leavenworth. By the way there, is no record of this in the paper.

Byron does not like Jermaine Wilson. That much is abundantly clear. But if you publicly accuse the mayor of wrongdoing, put your butt where your mouth is. Who told the police that the mayor “smelled of alcohol?” If you were not there, then what the “witnesses” said is hearsay. If you were there say so. If you think that “this should be investigated by independent officers” be a man and make a formal complaint to the KBI. Besides, I thought that conservatives never questioned the actions of police. Reminds me of the modern Republican approach to deficits and the debt.

I do not know Jermaine Wilson and I do not live in the city of Leavenworth. But this kind of Trumpian, below the belt attack should not go unanswered. Too bad dueling is outlawed. A few encounters on the field of honor might even put an end to the endless, anonymous social media attacks that bedevil society these days.