To the editor:

In response to the letter on Feb. 26 from Mr. Wiley, I would just ignore the attack on my position as a representative in the state House of Representatives based on the source of the letter. Mr. Wiley is known for his liberal rantings and only the most liberal radical pays much attention to his letters. However, his liberal friends have had a field day attacking me on my co-sponsoring six bills this session that dealt with conservative issues.

The bills were on prohibiting social media censorship, human trafficking and child exploitation prevention, excise tax on admission to adult-oriented businesses, supporting an “optional” elevated marriage bill, restoring marriage to be between a man and woman and to restrict taxpayer funding for abortions. Any conservative would support these bills based on these titles of the bills. Unfortunately, these bills were pushed in the House by one representative who had discussed them with Mr. Sevier. I guess Mr. Sevier is a well known “flim-flam” radical that has pushed these bills in several states and has been kicked out of many of them.

Once we saw the bills in total, all of those who had agreed to co-sponsor the bills were shocked at the language that was in them. Although we agreed with each bill’s main topic, the wording did not support our position on the subjects.

We then worked to kill the bills in committee and none of them will ever come up for a vote in the House. I admit I made a new representative mistake in co-sponsoring these bills without fully reading them first. All we had when we signed onto the bills was a “bill summary” not the full bills themselves. It is a lesson learned that I won’t repeat.

That said, I made no secret when I ran for the House last year that I was a strong conservative Republican. That means I support the conservative ideas of limited government (limited spending and limited taxes), family values, pro-life and pro-gun. I believe in the rights of the minority but I don’t believe the minority can tell the majority what they can do or think. I admit I am not politically correct. I will tell you what I believe and I won’t lie to you about it.

So for the next 18 months, I will be supporting those conservative values in every vote I make in Topeka. It won’t make many liberal Democrats happy and they will continue to attack me on my beliefs. That is just the price I will have to pay for believing in this country and the principles it was founded on.

They will not change my votes regardless of their attacks. I have to believe that the majority of the people in my district want this country and state to continue to be a strong Republic and not move down the socialist path to government controlling our lives and freedom.

Editor’s note: David French is a member of the state House of Representatives.