To the editor:

I have written before about the improved city services in Leavenworth, although I would argue with the leaf pick-up procedure(s). We notice that whoever decides when they are going to start does not look at the trees. The crews have come down our street and the trees have maybe dropped 5 percent of their leaves. Then when the leaves do come down, the winter weather freezes them together, making them a blockade for the melting snow/ice. Yes we can bag them but if we are paying for a service, at least a well-timed pick-up would be much better. 

Additionally, there is two glaring problems during this snow season – not a city problem but a residential problem. I know that you have 24 hours to clean your sidewalk and you are not to park on roads that are designated emergency snow routes. I have observed handicapped persons riding their scooters in the street and young students walking to school in snow- or ice-covered sidewalks. I remember going down Thornton one day and seeing this happening after a snowfall. I would say to the city, ticket them, and for those who are physically unable to do this get on a list whereas a volunteer group can assist you. I am fortunate to have neighbors that act like neighbors – when they see a need they act. To the city service crews, thank you for doing your job in awful weather. I do not envy you having to repair the numerous potholes.