To the editor:

Paul Conway should do some research before he issues senseless attacks on people.

The facts I wrote about Mayor Wilson’s accident came directly from a news story on the KCTV5 website about the incident, and the mayor’s possible preferential treatment.

The website also had a link to video taken at the accident scene. That video includes the voice of a lady trying to get the police to do a sobriety test on Wilson – to no avail. 

The video also clearly shows that the officers on the scene shut down their body cams for a discussion. I wonder what was said and why the cams were shut off? Since the mayor was involved, why didn’t a neutral law enforcement agency investigate this accident? Why wasn’t that requested by our police department at the time of the accident?

Here is a link to the KCTV5 article and the video link:

Conway evidently doesn’t do any research before resorting to his baseless accusations, name calling and veiled threats. Bet I know his political affiliation – typical Democrat, all bluster and no facts.

Does Conway claim Channel 5 hates Wilson too? The facts I used came from their site and a video there.

Conway’s mention of honor is laughable. He seems to have none. 

He used no facts whatsoever and simply launched a senseless attack on me.

People should keep that in mind in the future if Conway writes again. He should stick to peddling his vegetables.