I hadn’t realized how much I missed it until I experienced it once again. I had the luck of the Irish last Saturday night and it was magical.

The days of make-believe only come alive while the grandkids are over, even though Papa and I pretend not to be over the hill as we grunt and groan just trying to get up off of the couch. An overnight was planned for the 6-year-old grandsons, Hank and Gavin, and 2-year-old granddaughter, June, the night before St. Patrick’s Day. 

After realizing they may expect a visit from a leprechaun, I spent quality time researching how to make a trap to try and catch the little green guy. Before long, I had Papa involved and we were emptying Kleenex boxes to make traps. I never knew how many Kleenexes were in those small boxes until looking at a boat load of them that are now piled up on my desk.

Of all the things we did on Saturday night, including playing ping pong, Wii, coloring, eating snacks, coloring again, eating more snacks while enjoying caffeinated sodas that aren’t allowed at home, making the leprechaun traps entertained them the most. After searching the junk drawers, Papa told the boys leprechauns were attracted to wire nuts, the plastic things that hold the end of wires together. The boys proceeded to glue them all over their boxes. The 2-year-old was too intrigued with the carbonation which was making her nose and eyes water to think about leprechauns.

After an hour the traps were ready and were strategically placed after much discussion between the boys about where the leprechaun would be more likely to see them. Steps to the top of the boxes were made out of Legos, signs were made and letters were written, all in hopes the leprechaun would be caught and they would be granted gold and wishes.

I woke up to the boys’ whispering, trying to quietly discuss whether or not the leprechaun had indeed been trapped. Unsure to go down by themselves, they were checking it out from a safe distance on the balcony overlooking the traps on the living room floor below.

“I don’t remember the traps leaning over like that,” Gavin said, with a hint of fear in his voice. Hank added, “The Lego stairs have been torn apart. I’m telling you right now, there may be leprechauns down there.”

They decided it was too risky to go by themselves so they woke everyone up to witness the magic of catching a leprechaun.

Very carefully and bravely, they stuck their hands into the Kleenex box to find a note which read, “I’m too fast to catch, try again next year!” along with three $1 bills, candy and a green shamrock necklace. You would have thought they won the lottery. The 2-year-old wasn’t too impressed and just wanted to eat the candy.

The grandkids didn’t catch a leprechaun and get their wishes fulfilled, although Papa and I did by reliving the make-believe world with our grandkids. It was worth any pot of gold.

Sandy Turner is a Leavenworth Times columnist.