To the editor:

On March 26, voters in District 4 (Lansing and Delaware Township) will have their first opportunity to elect a Lansing representative to the Leavenworth County Commission. Previously, Lansing was always represented by a commissioner from within the city of Leavenworth. With growth in the county and moving to five districts, we can now elect a Lansing commissioner to express Lansing concerns to the Leavenworth County Commission and Leavenworth County voters.

In November 2018, Leavenworth voted to increase the Leavenworth County Commission from three to five members. Voters recently elected commissioners for District 1 and District 2. The current District 3 commissioner (Basehor with Stranger and Fairmount townships) will be carried over until the 2020 general election.

On March 26, districts 4 and 5 will elect new commissioners. In District 4, the candidates are independent Hank Spellman, Democrat Troy Smith and Republican Chad Schimke. In District 5, the candidates are Republican Mike Stieben, Democrat David Frese, independent Curtis Oroke and independent Stuart Sweeney.

All candidates spoke at forums in their districts. All candidates answered questions concerning district and county issues and problems. The forums had expressive crowds and the candidates all did excellent jobs introducing themselves and answering questions.

So what is left for voters to do? Query your friends and neighbors on what needs to be done. Search out your candidates. Tell them your issues and problems. Ask them what they think is needed. Ask them how they will accomplish what is needed.

Be sure to vote March 26.