To the editor:

In a few days, Lansing, Delaware Township and southeast Leavenworth will have the first opportunity to elect a Leavenworth County Commissioner to represent District 4. Why is this important? Well, all politics are local and so is money.  

More than $50 million is collected and spent by the Leavenworth County Commission on an annual basis, and it’s time that the new District 4 become a recipient of some of those tax dollars. Over the last two years, a group of citizens worked diligently to expand the Leavenworth County Commission from three to five members. On March 26, we stand before the door.

Many times over the last few years, I was told that Lansing and Delaware Township had received more than $5.7 million in sales tax revenue for road improvements. As someone of Scottish heritage who is known to shake her purse out regularly, I have a hard time understanding what we got for it.

I am asking all District 4 registered voters to vote Tuesday at your local polling station so that we can choose a representative who will be able to tell us what we are getting for our money.

There are three dedicated people running for District 4 – Chad Schimke, Troy Smith and Hank Spellman. They all grew up locally, have managed businesses and worked as community leaders and volunteers. We are lucky to have qualified members of the community who are ready to take on the challenge and look out for us. So please get out and vote. After all, it’s only our tax dollars they are spending.