To the editor:

I wonder if anyone else has noticed the increasing number of bumps in our Leavenworth roads due to what I call potholes. They must have developed over the long winter we have recently endured. They seem to breed. Rabbits might have a tough time keeping up with them.

They range in size from large to huge. I know of some in which you might be able to lose an 18-wheeler. Florida, known for sinkholes, might be jealous.

If I was developing a new model of Army tank and needed a surface to test the tracks and suspension, I can’t think of a better road to drive it on than 10th Avenue between Michigan and Limit streets. My Toyota, which is a bit less rugged than a tank, constantly bounces and shudders on that stretch. Even though I swerve back and forth to miss them as best I can, I can’t avoid them. 

Of course, there’s always someone right behind me who doesn’t understand why I’m all over the road and wants me to go faster, possibly tearing my car’s wheels off.

I’ve expected to see city crews patching the potholes, but I haven’t seen any. The city fathers, if they’ve even noticed the potholes, may not be planning to fix them this year. No doubt there’s not enough money to finance what will be needed to get them under control. I’d guess it will take 50 trucks, 100 men and 200 railroad cars full of patching material with men working for about 10 years. It might require a bond issue and a jump in our sales tax.

I’ve conjectured that to avoid the cost, the city could develop an alternate plan: exploit the potholes. Every community likes to brag about its unique qualities. The city should shout out that “Leavenworth, Kansas, is the pothole capital of the world!” Rename Leavenworth Pothole City. 

Just imagine, a sanctuary city for potholes, but not for automobiles.