The much-awaited Mueller Report is finished and delivered into the hands of Attorney General William Barr. The American populous awaits the release of the report.Many, if not most, want the complete truth to answer the fundamental questions:  

- Who is in control? Is it our three branches of government or is it Vladimir Putin?

- Why is the president so enamored with Putin to the point of believing him above trusted allies?

- Was the president or any of his minions or children working with Russians to influence the election?

- Why is the government failing to take steps to prevent interference in the 2020 election?

- If so many Trump staff members and friends have been indicted or accused of crimes, how can Trump be totally uninvolved and/or have no knowledge of wrongdoing.

- Why has the president failed to divest himself of his many business holdings? What business dealings are benefiting from his position.

I am certain you have your own questions. Any thinking American has to know that questionable activities have taken place and, unfortunately, continue.

A redacted report released by a Trump appointee who is a staunch and public advocate of nearly unfettered presidential control does not answer the test of honesty and transparency. There is frustration that even when the report is released, we will still be in the dark.  

In many ways, this is an insult. Taxpayers paid for this investigation that came out of overwhelming concern about the honesty of our top officials and the sanctity of our elections. We cannot stand back and acquiesce in our ignorance. Our country is better than that. We are better than that. Our heads cannot be buried in the proverbial sand.

We have suffered through welfare for the rich and degradation of the poor. We are seeing efforts to take away health care for many and reduce Social Security benefits and Medicare, which we pay for in every paycheck. We see our president threatening to close down borders and ordering people to be held in squalid conditions on the border.

Many are afraid of what is happening to our country. Who can we trust? Give the American people access to the truth about the 2016 election. Restore the sanctity of our elections, which are critical to our democracy.

Jane Gies is a Leavenworth Times columnist.