To the editor:

I, too, would like to know the truth about the 2016 election. My concern has to do with the actions of the Obama administration, many federal agencies and the Hillary campaign, not a bunch of fairy tales and progressive, self-righteous whining about the Trump campaign.

- Why was the fact that the Steele dossier was contracted and paid for by the Hillary campaign not revealed in the FISA applications?  

- Why didn’t the FBI attempt to verify any of the information in that dossier before using it as justification to spy on a political opponent?

- Why were selected Trump associates prosecuted for lying to Congress under oath when Comey, Brennan, Clapper and the Queen did the same and worse?

- With so many federal agencies involved in the conspiracy to dig up collusion and obstruction of justice charges on Trump, what did Obama know and when did he know it?

- Hillary was caught red-handed using an unsecured personal server to handle classified information in an effort to dodge government accountability laws and then destroyed the evidence. Why was she not charged? Don’t tell me about “intent.” You either handle the stuff properly or you don’t.

- Release all of the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages without redactions. Let’s see the actual conversation(s) that were taking place.

- Some $145 million in “donations” made their way into the Clinton Foundation soon after the Uranium One deal. Most came from foreign entities. In my day it was called a bribe not donations. None of it was reported as required. Why no investigation?

Mueller spent two years investigating a bunch of nothing. His team consisted of 20-plus lawyers. Nearly everyone was a Democrat and one had even been a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation. Hardly a team of neutral players. Most of the indictments covered 12 Russian nationals who will never be prosecuted. This is nakedly politicized law enforcement. Those indictments are strictly political documents by which the special counsel seeks to justify the existence of his superfluous investigation.

None of the other indictments had anything to do with the Trump campaign. Funny how Podesta worked for the same company at the same time, doing the same thing for the same foreign country as Manafort. Podesta was allowed to retroactively register as an agent of a foreign government while Manafort was prosecuted. Could it be that Podesta was given a pass because he was Hillary’s campaign manager? They did their best to get Carter Page and couldn’t even come up with a parking ticket.

The redacted report is all that anyone outside of the Justice Department should ever see. To do otherwise is a violation of law. Then again, when do people with severe Trump Derangement Syndrome care about the law? Mueller and his team are assisting in this process, another fact that is carefully not mentioned by those who are rabid partisans.  

I, too, am afraid of what is happening in this country. All too many Democrats at the national level seem to be all for eliminating or severely restricting the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 10th Amendments. I saw what they tried to do during the Kavanaugh hearings. No dirty trick was too low. The current Democratic Party is totally committed to turning the country into a socialist, one-party state. They are the party of mob rule, abortion, intolerance and use of government powers to go after anyone who opposes them. Welcome to banana republic USA.

Hillary lost, get over it and stop trying to destroy the nation.