The book “Rabbits for Food” is the story of a writer unraveling and the incident that landed her in a mental institution. This is Binnie Kirshenbaum’s newest novel. 

“People who are not easy to like, they have feelings just like nice people do,” Bunny reflects as she looks back on her life on New Year’s Eve.

With festive plans, Bunny is determined to keep her social obligations though she has been sinking further into depression and her friends feel no obligation to help her. With promises of paper hats and a revolving door of new and “fascinating” party guests, Bunny has dark but hysterically accurate expectations of the party. The lauded evening does bring big change, but not the hopeful kind. While institutionalized, Bunny refuses treatment, choosing instead to write.

“Rabbits for Food” hinges on that beautiful fact concerning difficult and pleasant people. Kirshenbaum is a skilled observer and uses that skill to create a sincere, off-putting but ultimately relatable character. Readers may discover that though she is brackish, Bunny is a kindred spirit.

“Rabbits for Food” was set for release May 7.

Jessey Nickells reviews books for the Leavenworth Times.