To the editor:

I was shocked but not surprised to see that Rep. Jeff Pittman voted with Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly and against life on May 1 and 2. In votes to override the governor’s veto of SB 67—a bill that would have required doctors, after administering the first pill in a chemically-induced abortion, to tell women that the procedure could still be reversed before administering the second pill—Pittman twice voted with the governor and the Democratic minority against overriding the veto.

Those who stand for life ultimately lost this battle by only one vote—Jeff Pittman’s. I am shocked, first, because Rep. Pittman frequently tells his constituents that he is pro-life. I am also shocked because the representative voted for SB 67 when it first came up for a vote. (So, the representative can’t—as his Democratic colleagues have done—claim that he voted against overriding the veto because he doesn’t believe in the science behind the bill.)

But when the chips were down and the Democratic minority demanded his loyalty, Rep. Jeff Pittman revealed his true sentiments on abortion. I am not, however, surprised by Rep. Pittman’s vote. In mid-March, when the Kansas State House voted overwhelmingly in favor of sending a letter to the New York Legislature condemning its passage of a law permitting abortions right up to the day before birth, there was one representative who failed to cast a vote for or against the measure.

Our own Rep. Jeff Pittman, was conveniently absent from work that day. Rep. Jeff Pittman’s pro-abortion views do not represent Leavenworth values.