To the editor:

Here are a couple of definitions from my Colliers Dictionary.

Lie – 1. False statement made with the purpose of deceiving; falsehood 2. Anything that is intended or serves to give a false impression.

Liar – one who tells lies.

Trust – 1. To have faith or confidence in the integrity, honesty, ability, reliability, or justice of.

Our president is a liar. How can you possibly have any trust in just about anything he says? If he were to say that the sky is blue, I’d want to go outside and see for myself. It seems that people have come to accept that our politicians will lie to us and we will accept it. I was watching television the other day, and one of the people on FOX said that the president wasn’t lying to Congress, he was only lying to the press. Lying to the press is lying to us. The White House is the source of much of the “fake news.” Why aren’t the Democrats calling him out? Why isn’t the press calling him out? How do those who call themselves Republicans feel that they have any legitimacy in repeating his lies as if they were indeed fact?

The president may be innocent of many of the things that the Democrats want to investigate, but why does he act so guilty? If I wanted everyone to know how financially successful I was, I’d be happy to have my taxes reviewed, unless maybe I was not completely truthful with the IRS. If I was accused of wrongdoing, I would want to do everything possible to shed light on the truth. Our president prefers to hide behind “executive privilege” and an army of lawyers. Hopefully we aren’t paying for all of those lawyers but one way or another we probably are. 

Vice President Pence stands up as a righteous person, but he will repeat the presidents’ lies, seemingly on command. He has completely lost any respect I might have had for him. Are both of our political parties only concerned with the power of the majority in Congress that they will allow this farcical tragedy to continue.?

Don’t be a fool. Check the truth of what people say, and that includes Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, and whatever other social media there are. I want to know if what you are telling me is the truth. If you want any accountability in your government, the first thing you need to know is the truth. If it is too hard to find the truth, or you are just too lazy to seek it out, maybe you deserve whatever government you get.