To the editor:

The president of the United States does not tell the exact truth. He either interprets the occurrence in his own words or he could be a person who misspeaks the answer to a question. So if these statements and messages have flaws, clarify them with facts. Flaws are understandable yet when the actual evidence is contrary to the spoken and/or written word, we would say that person is not telling the truth. Is this an excuse for our president?

It shown by visuals and deeds that he is not telling all the truth such as the attendance at his inauguration, his deferment for his heel spur, his opinion of women, his beliefs referencing abortion, the murder of a newspaper person, Russian interference, etc. 

Everyone elected to a government job owes the American people that information.  

If you want my vote I want to know everything about you because there may be things in your life that could affect my vote. 

What person would not want the entire Mueller report released? I want to read what the entire report says.