To the editor:

I’d like to respond to Mr. William Dameron’s response to my letter on the subject of “lies.” He stated that I left out the politically correct definition. That was intentional. I prefer to deal with facts. He was also kind enough to add a couple definitions of his own for slander and libel. I appreciate the concern for my civil jeopardy, but feel like I am safe because the definition of slander includes “… someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another, which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed.” I am assuming that he was referring to my statement that “Our president is a liar” and then stated that I gave no examples.

OK, since I doubt that the editors of this paper want to devote the amount of assets to a recounting of all of the president’s lies, I’ll just note a couple. In April of this year, the president stated that his father was born in very wonderful place in Germany. His father was born in New York. The other is more consequential because he said it to our troops stationed overseas and it directly concerned them. He told them that they had received one of the biggest pay raises ever and the first pay raise in more than 10 years. Both lies.

I said the president was acting guilty. That was my belief because I believe that is how a guilty person might act, trying to hide one’s actions.

Mr. Dameron also mentions my concern over the president’s failure to release his tax returns. He said that Congress has no moral right to demand a specific person’s tax return. Congress has the legal authority to do so in certain circumstances, whether there is a moral issue or not. Then he got to something that I agree with him about. He questioned having certain Democratic leadership release their tax returns. Go for it. If you are in public office you should be willing to be vetted for legal issues which might influence your ability to govern or legislate.

He finished by stating that the tactics of the Democratic Party to be grossly unfair, totally unfair and that the constant disparagement of the president is leading to an attempt at impeachment.

He missed the whole point of my letter. My point was that if we continue to accept the lies that our leaders feed us without verifying those statements, we must accept the responsibility for whatever government we get.