To the editor:

The “Get over it” author makes a lot of statements that are not true.

“The Mueller report clearly states that no evidence of Trump or his people colluding with Russians was found.” Where was this clearly stated? I have not found that anywhere. 

“Mr. Mueller states that he could not absolve the president of any of actions that he took. They (Democrats) were misled for two years. The notion Mr. Mueller had evidence and has concealed it is almost comical.”

If this is the case, what are the reasons that the executive branch have told subpoenaed witnesses not to appear in the hearings? You can say what you will but if the president and his staff are blocking testimony, it seems to me that they are hiding something.  If you were innocent, would you not want the suspicions to go away?

The Democratic House has passed legislation and sits in the Senate where no action has taken place. 

President Trump’s appointed staff have said that tariffs are hurting the American people. Who is holding up the Emergency Relief Funds for the victims of the flooding, fires and hurricanes? I do believe it is a Republican Congress person. 

People who do not believe that the President Trump does not prevaricate when journalists ask pointed questions are not paying attention. How about the latest faux pas? President Trump states that he did not call the wife of Prince Harry nasty. Yet that statement is on video and it sure is different from what he stated after.