To the editor:

In our legal system, a person is considered innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent as Democrats are trying to make things. Their Trump Derangement Syndrome of pure hate blinds them to the realities.

The Mueller report very specifically and unequivocally stated that there was no evidence of collusion or conspiracy found against Trump. It isn’t my fault Democrats won’t take a look at the report’s findings, but their refusal doesn’t negate the facts. Mueller and his Hillary sycophants found nothing. And Mueller made it very plain in his report.

Democrats are refusing to address the main question in all this. What high crime or misdemeanor has Trump committed? None has been named and no evidence of any has been shown. What is it Democrats? Name it. Without that you’re just beating a dead horse and discussion of the matter is fruitless. Slander and innuendo won’t cut it.

Polls show the American people don’t favor impeachment of President Trump. They see it as a plainly political act without merit. They aren’t going to tolerate an impeachment without the named bad act and clear evidence of its commission. Democrats seem dedicated to hanging their own party with this. I say go for it. Your party will be decimated in the 2020 election cycle for it. And it will fail.

Democrats seem to forget, once impeachment is initiated in the U.S. House, it must be adjudicated in the Senate. Republicans still hold the Senate and it isn’t going to approve of this despicable political farce. They won’t let Democrats turn over an election simply because they can’t stand that their horrible candidate lost. 

However, now that Barr has authority to declassify documents related to the fraudulent obtaining of FISA warrants, I think things will get very interesting soon. I think there will be Democrats in high places running for the hills to escape jail for the illegal things they did to spy on the Trump campaign. I can't wait.