To the editor:

This is a response to Pat Davidson’s letter of June 5, which responded to my earlier letter admonishing him for calling President Trump a “liar.” 

To Mr. Davidson’s credit, he cited two examples of what he considered lies: first, Mr. Trump apparently said his father was born in Germany, but his grandfather was born in Kallstadt, Bavaria. Was this a lie? A deliberate deception? Possibly, but it might have been an error or a misstatement. I know people who don’t know their grandparent’s life details.

He also referred to Mr. Trump telling troops he was giving them one of the biggest raises ever (true) and the biggest in over 10 years, when it was actually only nine years: 3.4% in 2010 compared to 3.1% budgeted this year. Lie? Maybe, but there are other raises in the new package, including allowances for family. Maybe he was talking about the total package.  

In reading up on the above instances, I found a Wikipedia page asserting that Trump lied in several areas. I’d love to debate each of them but this letter would be too long.

I concede that Mr. Davidson can rightfully argue that Trump tells untruths. I don’t believe Mr. Trump intentionally attempts to deceive. The left is always around to nitpick any inaccuracies.

I think all adults lie at times, so we are all liars, some more than others, but the word “liar” needs an adjective in front of it, like “persistent” or “occasional.”

Asserting that Mr. Trump is a liar without a qualifier implies that nothing he says can be trusted. The opposite is largely true. If he asserts something, ignore it at your peril. It may be exaggerated or slightly off in detail, but it goes in the right direction. 

Some painfully true Trump assertions: Germany was very exposed when it signed up to buy all its natural gas from Russia. Many NATO countries were skimping their funding requirements. China has been ripping us off for many years. The balance of trade is a serious problem that less capable presidents have ignored. The Paris Accords were wrong for the United States.  

I could supply more examples.