To the editor:

Oh come on Allan Boyce. Give Pat Proctor, Ph.D., some credit. Everyone that read your letter in the Leavenworth Times over the weekend knows that Pat Proctor, Ph.D., never misses an opportunity to beat his chest promoting himself as being far more important than he actually is. Is anyone surprised that he would send in reader submitted photos of himself with adoring accolades on a frequent basis to our Leavenworth Times? It’s no secret that he believes in free rides as he promotes himself as a very important figure within our community.

Pat Proctor, Ph.D., thinks he knows local and Kansas values better than the rest of us even though he just blew into our community not that long ago. Do we care that he might have a glorified history instructor’s degree in revisionist history with a right wing slant? Most people within our community that hold common values don’t care diddly squat about Proctor, Ph.D.’s, title or the inflated opinion of himself that he holds in his oversized noggin.

My intuition tells me that Proctor, Ph.D., will be letting us know that he covets being sent to Topeka as our state representative next year. It is also my intuition that the voters who understand our local values will show him that would be a bridge too far. In fact, I would predict that the voters will end up schooling him on the fact that blather doesn’t come close to what constitutes our local values. We can see through his veneer. We aren’t dummies. We don’t reward those that try to (mislead) us. He can even go so far as submitting a cute little photo of himself holding his teddy bear to our local newspaper, but that won’t get him elected to office. We are wise to his game. Once Proctor, Ph.D., realizes that the jig is up he will probably blow right back out of town just like he blew in.