To the editor:

Many of the Democratic Party’s past sins were accurately stated in Ernest Evans’ May 28 column. The Civil War was fought from 1861-1864 during the administration of Republican President Abraham Lincoln. The Democrats supported black slavery and after the war supported black segregation. In 1865, the Redeemer Democrats founded the Ku Klux Klan as their terrorist group. The KKK stopped the Republican Party’s reconstruction of the South and successfully restored white supremacy. The KKK was still going strong with 5,000,000 members in 1924.

Two socialist acts passed by Democratic administrations were cited by Evans as positives. One placed retirement and the other placed health care largely in government hands. Add President Carter’s creation of a cabinet level U.S. Department of Education and citizens had three of the most important areas of their lives placed in the hands of big federal government rather than local control.

With such Democratic offenses, why do people, especially black people, register and vote Democratic? The answer is lack of education. Early on, blacks were not permitted to learn to read. If factual American history had been taught in K-12 public schools since World War II, would there be any Democratic Socialists? At the college level, Evans is the brave exception for telling it like it is.

Evans mentions Martin Luther King. Unknown to many Democrats, King was a Republican as is his niece, anti-abortion crusader Alveda King. Another black Republican hero, abolitionist Frederick Douglass, was a welcome guest in Republican President Lincoln’s office.

William Shakespeare said, “What’s past is prologue,” meaning past history predicts the future. The Democratic history recounted in this letter set the stage for socialism. The future is now.