To the editor:

During an interview with Mark Levin on Fox News, Mark Penn stated that Democrats are hurting the country by pushing for more investigations of President Trump. Penn is a lifelong Democrat and was a top strategist for President Clinton’s campaigns.

He stated that Democrats must understand that no collusion was found and move on to issues the American people care about like infrastructure, health care and other matters of interest. He stated that Democrats have successfully “whipped everyone up” with the “biggest lie perpetuated on the American public.” He stated that the investigations were started on the basis of “no evidence” and have torn this country apart.

Such statements coming from a Democrat of his stature should be a warning for Democrats that they are heading for serious trouble if they continue ignoring the country’s business for the sole purpose of harassing President Trump about a fictitious event ginned up from a phony dossier used to obtain FISA warrants.

Polls are showing the American people don’t back any move toward an impeachment. It’s time the Democrat Party owns up to what has been done and accept the consequences for a failed coup attempt against a duly elected president. People involved may go to jail, and the Democrat Party will look bad in the eyes of this country, but for the good of the country, Democrats should do the right thing and stop this crazy hoax.