To the editor:

We have heard from retired Col. Pat Proctor. What happened to Pat Proctor, Ph.D.? What changed that? I certainly respect Mr. Proctor’s service to country, as everyone should. This town is chock full of high quality, respectable and smart active duty and retired military personnel. They are an asset to our community and we should all be grateful. However, as in any profession, there is the 5% that carry a certain persona that most people find grating. If you have lived in our community for an actual extended period of time, you know exactly what I mean when I mention a certain 5%. These people come across as arrogant, self-serving and overbearing and hold a sense of entitlement. Of this 5% there is subgroup that think their perceived entitlement deserves a free ride – like not being required to pay income taxes in Kansas on their business while everyone else has to pay. Likewise, there are some that like to invoke a free ride by submitting photos of themselves to our newspaper, hoping to convince potential voters that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yawn.

Then there is this values claim that some of this subgroup make. According to this subgroup’s warped views, their values hold precedence over everyone else’s, including established values that the vast majority of citizens of our town hold. A perfect example would be an entitled man telling women within our community that they don’t deserve to have a choice when it comes to making decisions for themselves about their own bodies related to abortion.