Prior to Independence Day, we witnessed a meltdown by Democrats and others on the left. Who would have thought that a day that is such a vivid reminder of the blessings we have in this country would result in attacks on our history and our celebration?

Democrat presidential candidates and leftist commentators filled the airways with dire predictions for what the president would say. They had no knowledge of what he would say, but their mantra is never allow the president to say or do anything that celebrates America.

Democrat presidential candidates railed against the celebration. One said that the parade should not include the military because it puts force on display.

Is that candidate ignorant of the fact that we have a parade on the Fourth of July because the Continental Army fought a Revolutionary War to gain our independence from Great Britain? Heaven forbid, though, that the president allow a military display on the Fourth of July.

One historically-challenged former Democrat government official declared that having the military in the Independence Day parade was “dangerous” and “un-American.”

Another candidate said, “We don’t put tanks in the street.” A Harvard Law professor said it reminded him of Chinese tanks in Tiananmen Square.

Another Democrat shill declared that rolling out the military is a “threat to our fellow Americans.” 

In her July 6 column, a local Democrat sided with those who equate the president to a dictator. Her words link the military who participated in the parade to those who serve in the militaries of North Korea, Russian and Venezuela. She deplored the “large parade of military uniforms and weapons” and stated that she did not think she had “ever seen a parade quite like that in my lifetime.” 

Franklin Roosevelt’s 1941 inaugural parade included a large number of tanks. Would she attack her fellow Democrat for militarizing Washington as Democrats are now attacking Trump?

Numerous tanks were in Eisenhower’s 1953 inaugural parade. Since he was both a soldier and a Republican, Democrats might claim that he, too, was a dictator displaying his military might to threaten Americans.

Kennedy had missiles mounted on trucks in his 1961 inaugural parade. He gets a pass because he was a Democrat. I marched in that parade so I guess I am complicit in some sort of coup to overthrow the government. 

Democrats bellow that the parade was for himself, meaning Trump. Were Roosevelt’s and Kennedy’s parades likewise just for themselves?

Democratic presidential candidate Warren screamed that “this was a campaign event.” The president never mentioned politics, campaigns or parties. Would Democrats label parades with FDR and JKF on the reviewing stand as campaign events?

President George W. Bush authorized a parade in Washington for the troops of Operation Desert Storm. Tanks, Bradley Fighting Vehicles and Patriot missiles were on display. There were about 8,000 soldiers marching down Constitution Avenue. At least one member of our community was in that parade. Today’s Democrats probably would have heart attacks thinking our capital was under attack.

Democrats and the left have lost their minds.

I marched in four Armed Forces Day parades in New York City while carrying a rifle. I never realized that I was a “threat to our fellow Americans.” 

I even stood at present arms with my M-14 with – gasp – fixed bayonet to salute the casket of Gen. Douglas MacArthur as it was carried through the streets.

Troops with rifles and bayonets? Today’s Democrats would be howling that a military coup was taking place.

I guess I was being “un-American” by participating in a military formation to salute Gen. MacArthur. 

The Times announced the upcoming Veterans Day parade. Democrats be warned that there will be uniformed soldiers, probably a five-ton military truck carrying veterans and possibly a UH-1 helicopter. Please know that the flyover is not a bombing run. For those Democrats whose hearts race and shudder with fear at the sight of military hardware and so many uniforms, first responders will be available to meet your medical emergencies.

Every active duty member of the military, retired military, those who have served in the military and families of the military should be outraged by the slurs coming from Democrats. Those of us who fought our nation’s wars are being labeled as dangerous and a threat and are no better than those Chinese soldiers who drove the tanks in Tiananmen Square. 

Even on Independence Day, Democrats resort to bashing our president and denigrating our military. 

Rich Kiper is a Leavenworth Times columnist.