To the editor:

I would like a response in the paper from our Parks and Recreation Department and any other persons in the city who have taken their children to our kiddie parks. 

The parks engineer who came up with this padded shredded glass around the play equipment needs to go back to school and find out the injuries this stuff causes. My 2-year-old granddaughter tripped and cut her knees up. I don’t like seeing her cry because of this stupidity of our parks department. I spoke to a woman at the park the other day and she told me of a little girl who came down the slide and her feet caught and she went head over heels and came down face first on this stuff and her mom had to take her the emergency room for severe cuts to her face. The wood chips at Cody Park are not much better. A boy in sandals got a splinter in his foot and another kid got splinters in their hands from falling. I will not take my granddaughter to this park. The only one I take her to in town is Wollman Park, and when we go I put jeans on her to protect her knees. I’d rather replace jeans than her skin.

Also, why are there no shade trees around this plastic equipment? My 2-year-old granddaughter checks them for being too hot before she will even get on them. She looks at me and says “hot” and we leave.

Maybe you should go to Jackson Park in Atchison and see what they are doing to their kiddie park. It’s farther to drive but that is where we go the most, but only in the early morning as they have not yet replanted trees on the west side to shade the equipment in the afternoon. I watch kids playing up there barefooted, running and falling and not one skinned up knee or hand. 

You were in the paper talking about building batting cages at the Eagles Park because you want to help our kids. Maybe you should fix the problems you already created. Let’s spend some of our tax money on fixing this disaster. I think our kids need to be able to play in a safe zone not this cobbled up mess you all made. Go to these parks and get down on your knees and crawl around like the kids and see how you would like to play on this junk. We had safer parks when I was a kid with only dirt and grass. It worked for many years. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated by our children and the parents of the city.